These are names of some of the people, all men, whom I've lost, nearly all to AIDS. I stopped actively maintaining this list in 1994. In alphabetical order:

  1. William "Wolf" Agress, a lover, died in 1990
  2. Andre, a bartender at the Tunnel Bar in the East Village, now defunct
  3. Vincent Barnes
  4. Jerry Bihm
  5. Bobby
  6. Colin Curran
  7. Erez Dror, co-owner and -founder of the Black Hound Bakery in the East Village, New York City, now defunct
  8. Jeff Glidden, a lover
  9. Paul "Griff" Griffin
  10. Martin Noel Jorda
  11. David Kirschenbaum, community organizer with the New York City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project
  12. Art Kohn, founder of the BackRoom BBS in New York City, now defunct
  13. Jim Lewis
  14. Luis
  15. John Mangano
  16. Jeffrey Martin
  17. Morris Matthews
  18. Karl Michalak
  19. Mark Melvin
  20. Norm
  21. Tony Panico, my first lover in New York City
  22. Charles Pope, barfly extraordinaire
  23. Gordon Provencher, 1955-1992
  24. Tom Raleigh
  25. Craig Rodwell, founder of the Oscar Wilde Bookstore in Greenwich Village, NYC
  26. Tony Rostron
  27. Jurgen Schmitt
  28. Giulio Sorrentino
  29. Buddy Volani
  30. Jeremy Wells
  31. David Joseph Wilcox, 1957-1996
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