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National Resources

In alphabetical order by organization name.

Addiction Science Research and Education Center (ASREC)
College of Pharmacy
The University of Texas
Austin, TX 78712
Tel: 512-475-9568
Email: ltmeyer@mail.utexas.edu
Web: www.utexas.edu/research/asrec/
sPublishes addiction-related presentation and workshop materials for general audiences

American Association for Treatment of Opioid Dependence (AATOP)
trade association of treatment providers

American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)
4601 North Park Ave, Arcade Suite 101
Chevy Chase, M.D. 20815
Tel: 301/656-3920
Fax: 301/656-3815
Email: Email@asam.org
Web: asam.org
sPublishes the ASAM News and Journal of Addictive Diseases

American Methadone Treatment Assoication
see “American Association for Treatment of Opioid Dependence”

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP)
Web: www.samhsa.gov/csap/.

Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT)
Web: www.samhsa.gov/csat/
SpeakOUT! is one of the CSAT-funded Recovery Community Support Programs (RCSPs), 1998-2001.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), US Department of Justice
Web: www.usdoj.gov/dea/.

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA)
 459 Fulton Street, Suite 107
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel: 415-255-4547
Fax: 415-255-4784
Email: info@glma.org
Web: glma.org.
s“… promotes quality health care for LGBT and HIV-positive people, fosters a professional climate in which its diverse members can achieve their full potential, and supports members challenged by discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.” s Publishes the Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.

The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention (HEC)
c/o Education Development Center, Inc.
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02458
Tel: (800) 676-1730
Fax: (617) 928-1537
E-mail: HigherEdCtr@edc.org
Web: www.edc.org/hec/

National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
501 Randolph Drive
Lititz, PA 17543-9049
Tel: (717) 581-1901
Fax: (717) 581-1902
Web: naatp.org

National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC)
Web: www.naadac.org
sOperates the Legislative Alert Network (LAN) sPublishes “Advocacy Update,” a bi-monthly newsletter free to LAN subscribers, on “alcohol and drug treatment and prevention policy.” sTheir Web site mentions a “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender SIG [Special Interest Group]” but provides no additional information.

National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP)
901 N. Pitt Street, Suite 370
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: (703)706-0576
Fax: (703)706-0577
Web: nadcp.org

National Association of Lesbian & Gay Addiction Professionals (NALGAP)
1911 Fort Myer Drive, #900
Arlington, VA 22209
Tel: (703)465-0539
Fax: (703)741-6989
Web: nalgap.org

National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors (NASADAD)
808 17th Street NW, Suite 410
Washington, DC 20006
Tel: (202) 293-0090
Fax: (202) 293-1250
Email: dcoffice@nasadad.org
Web: nasadad.org

National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA); casacolumbia.org/

The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI); www.health.org/, a service of SAMSHA.
s Lists “Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual” publications, resources and referrals; www.health.org/multicul/gay. s “Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Issues”; www.health.org/features/lgbt/substance.htm

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA); www.niaaa.nih.gov/.
sHosts ETOH (see Internet resources)

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Web: www.nida.nih.gov

National Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention (LCAT)
1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 732
Washington, DC 20009
Tel: (202) 265-8054
Fax: (202) 265-8032/8056
Email: cortiz@nlcatp.org
Web: nlcatp.org

National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP)
PO BOX 91803
Tel: 626.791.7689
Web: noglstp.org
s”NOGLSTP's goals include dialog with professional organizations, disseminating information, improving our members' employment and professional environment, opposing anti-queer discrimination and stereotypes, educating the gay, scientific, and general communities, and fostering inter-city contacts among our members.”

Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA)
Web: drugfreeamerica.org

Partnership for Recovery (PFR)
1420 New York Ave. NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005
Tel: (202)737-8167
Fax: (202)737-5154
Email: gobrien@vsadc.com
Web: partnershipforrecovery.org
* A lobbying group of/for treatment providers. * Offers legislative alerts and general information about Congress.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)
2000 P St. NW - Suite 210
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: (202) 293-4414
Fax: (202) 293-8344
Email: ssdp@ssdp.org
Web: ssdp.org
* Many local chapters

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA)
Web: samhsa.gov

The Web of Addictions; www.well.com/user/woa/.

Working Partners; www.dol.gov/dol/workingpartners.htm, U.S Department of Labor.
s Focuses on workplace issues of substance use, abuse and treatment, including the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

- Added National Association of Drug Court Professionals
- Added Partnership for a Drug-Free America

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SpeakOUT! is a project of the New York City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center.
SpeakOUT! is funded 2001-2004 by a Recovery Community Support Project (RCSP) grant from the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services. Contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the agency.