Male survivor issues and resources

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When I began volunteering for the Anti-Violence Project in the fall of 1989, I had no idea it would be a catalyst to identifying myself as a survivor and initiating the past several years of investigation, recovery, and growth. The wisdom, strength and courage of countless survivors and supporters I've met and worked with throughout this time make it possible for me to do this today. I hope to share my knowledge in the same spirit of community.


On this page:

  • General survivor links
  • Bibliographies on the Web
  • Other resources
  • Feminist men's groups
  • Other pages in this section:

  • Male sexual abuse
  • Male sexual assault
  • Books by, for and about Male Survivors
  • Naming the Violence: Homophobia and the sexual assault of men, which I presented at NOMSV's Fall 1997 conference.

  • General Survivor Links

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    Other Resources

    In alphabetical order by title.

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    Feminist Men's Groups

    The following groups are not listed here as resources for male survivors. These are groups organized by men to address violence by men - battering, rape/sexual assault or sexual abuse - through public education efforts or by providing counseling to male offenders as a means of intervention and prevention. I want to list these separately from male survivors' resources. When I get more listings I'll move these to their own page.

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