Male sexual abuse

This page addresses male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. If you're aware of other resources, books or articles accessible from the Web which I haven't listed here, please email me. For information about the sexual assault of adult men, and resources for survivors, see Male Sexual Assault.


On this page:

  • Web Resources
  • Organizations, including support groups
  • Counseling resources
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  • Other links
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  • My Male Survivor Booklist reviews several books by, for and about male survivors.
  • Bibliographies (moved to Survivor home page)
  • Web Resources

    This section lists projects and organizations which are intended to provide some level of interactive support to male survivors on the Web. In alphabetical order by site or organization name.

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    This section lists organizations which specifically address the sexual abuse of boys, either exclusively or as a significant part of their mission. In alphabetical order by organization name.

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    Counseling resources

    In alphabetical order by organization name.

  • The Men's Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy in Berkeley, California offers counseling and support groups for men healing from sexual abuse.
  • Monterey Rape Crisis Center in Monterey, California offers counseling and support groups for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault and rape.
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    Articles, Information and Education

    In alphabetical order by title.

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    1999.09.23: Added Invisible Boy.

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    Other Links

    Other Web sites and pages which list information and resources for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. In alphabetical order by author or sponsor.

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