Male sexual abuse book list

Books by, for and/or about male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, or addressing the sexual abuse of boys.


  • Non-fiction, for survivors
  • Fiction
  • Biographies, autobiographies
  • Clinical books, for the professional working with male survivors
  • Non-fiction

    Grubman-Black, Stephen D. Broken Boys/Mending Men: Recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse. Bradenton, FL: Human Services Institute/TAB Books, 1990.
    ISBN: 0-8306-3562-9 (ppb)
    Author identifies as a survivor. Includes "portions of stories" by other survivors. Reference listing.

    Hunter, Mic. Abused Boys: The Neglected Victims of Sexual Abuse. New York: Fawcett Columbine/Ballantine, 1990. ISBN: 0-449-90629-9 (ppb)
    Author has a 12-Step background. Book is in two parts. Part I, "What is Sexual Abuse," presents psycho-education, definitions, issues, etc. Part II, "Survival Stories," presents first-person accounts, by eighteen male survivors and one wife of a male survivor who was herself abused, and makes up the larger part of the book. Resource listing, bibliography.

    Hunter, Mic (editor). The Sexually Abused Male, Volume I: Prevalence, Impact, and Treatment New York: Lexington Books (MacMillan), 1990. ISBN: 0-669-21518-X (Volume II is more clinical, addressing treatment issues and strategies.)
    A variety of writers and subject matter, organized in three parts: Cultural Factors, Prevalence and Impact, and Assessment Issues. The second chapter, "Cinematic Treatment of Sexual Abuse and Rape of Men and Boys," by James W. Trivelpiece, provides an exhaustive review of movies in which male sexual assault is mentioned or addressed (rarely with sensitivity). The third part includes two chapters on female perpetrators.

    King, Neal. Speaking our Truth: Voices of Courage and Healing for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. New York: HarperCollins, 1995.
    ISBN: 0-006-095058-7 (ppb)
    Author identifies as a survivor. Compilation of personal statements, poetry, and one section of drawings by male survivors. The author groups the writings and frames them with brief paragraphs. Brief (two-page) listing of suggested reading.

    Lew, Mike. Victims No Longer: Men Recovering from Incest and Other Sexual Child Abuse. New York: Harper & Row, 1988.
    ISBN: 0-06-097300-5 (ppb)
    Primarily psycho-educational in content. Includes first-person accounts by eleven male survivors. Includes a "Resources" chapter that lists organizations, newsletters, books and articles.

    Sanders, Timothy L. Male Survivors: 12-Step Recovery Program for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Freedom, CA: The Crossing Press (1991). ISBN: 0-89594-485-5 (ppb)
    Author identifies as a survivor. 12-step focus. The author concludes each chapter with suggested exercises, checklists, etc. Short list of support groups and long list of suggested readings, grouped by "Life Area:" psychological, spiritual, etc.

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    Conroy, Pat, Prince of Tides, Boston: Houghton-Mifflin, 1986
    I haven't read this.

    Heim, Scott Mysterious Skin. New York: HarperCollins, 1995. ISBN: 0-06-017175-8
    Recommended. The story follows two young men - one gay, one asexual but presumably straight - who are linked by a shared history of having been abused by the same man. Scott does an excellent job of plausibly describing how different abuse can appear in its effects on survivors.

    Spandauer, Tom The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon. (ppb) New York: HarperCollins, 1992. ISBN: 0-06-097497-4

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    Biographies and Autobiographies

    Keyes, Daniel. The Minds of Billy Milligan. New York: Bantam/Random House, 1981 (out of print). ISBN: 0-553-22585-5
    Milligan suffered from multiple personality disorder, which was caused in part by the extreme emotional, physical and sexual abuse and torture by his stepfather from the age of 8. He had 24 distinct personalities at the time of his arrest in 1979 for the abduction, rape and robbery of three female Ohio University students. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity. The book describes the external events leading to his arrest, his life history, including the emergence of each personality, and the political and personal aftermath of his arrest.

    Thomas, T. Men Surviving Incest: A Male Survivor Shares the Process of Recovery. Walnut Creek, CA: Launch Press, 1989.

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    Clinical books on male childhood sexual abuse

    Bolton, Morris & MacEachron. Males at Risk. 1989.

    Brodie, Faith. When "The Other Woman" is his Mother ... 1992.

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